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We offer friendly, small group yoga in the heart of Hurstbridge.

Whether you lead a sedentary or active lifestyle, yoga can add variety to your movement patterns to help you feel better in your body. It's also a great stress reliever, something lots of us could benefit from in our busy lives.

This is why we love yoga and want to share it with you. We want to get you moving and keep you moving and if we can add a little fun and mindfulness along the way, all the better!

Move the body,

still the mind

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Looking for a strong vinyasa class? Join us for a dynamic flow, incorporating alignment, strength and of course, savasana!


Coming Soon!

Sometimes a sweaty class isn’t what you need. Come and explore this slow paced style, consisting of mostly passive floor poses which are held for an extended period of time (2-5 minutes).


The space we create in a yin class offers huge mental and emotional benefits, so if you’re feeling stressed or simply wishing to maintain your equilibrium come along for an hour of quiet bliss.


Whether you’re a beginner, just starting out or a more experienced yogi looking to deepen your practice, we’re here for you.

Classes will be tailored to fit your yoga goals.

Call Louise on 0416 869 868 for a chat or drop her an email




Where & When
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We are currently holding



at EDN Dance Company

36 Graysharps Road


$20 casual

If you wish to book a class or have any questions, call Louise on 0416 869 868
or email

If you’d like to pay online, just call to confirm your class and click the logo below to be connected to PayPal. You don’t need an account, just use any debit or credit card.


Louise first started practicing yoga to assist with a shoulder injury but it was the calmness that settled after each class that got her hooked. 


She loves the transformative power the breath can bring to mind and body, both on and off the mat. Favouring a strong practice, Louise completed Vinyasa Teacher Training with Power Living, before additional Yin training. 

She is continuing her studies with Ihana Yoga. With no dance or sport background, Louise is here to reassure you that yoga is for everyone. 

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